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Best scale app

When you forget what does what or you have that odd set up you want to try, nothing is better than having this app with you. We've used it for 3 years and has our numbers on point. Simply input each corner weight and the app does the rest. No more lost notepads with this app.

Nice tool to have, especially at the track

Would have gladly paid for this ap. I use bathroom scales for setting up my kart. So much easier than lugging my laptop around. Great job!

Awesome app

One more star if you add a few fields for notes, how much fuel your car has, maybe stagger, tire psi, etc. this should all be in your notebook but it would be nice to bring it up on your phone.

Great app, be 5 stars with fields for camber, toe, and caster

A great way to record your corner weights and track changes in the setup. I'm entering values manually and would love to be able to enter camber, toe, and caster settings as well. That would make this app an absolute must-have for anyone doing full race car setup (pros, club racers, time trailers, etc).


I've been waiting for a scaling ap for a long time. I sit in my car while my crew reads me my numbers. Now they can just give me the 4 corners and I can figure it out. Being able to keep records is cool as well. We need to have an area to keep notes. I wish with an update they would include other data entries like shocks, camber/caster spring tow/stagger/ride heights. Thanks again.

Almost there

I'd give it a five star, but there's one flaw. I can't bring previous sessions up on the main screen and it makes it impossible to see what my previous numbers are. Otherwise a great idea and very, very useful.

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