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Intercomp’s iRaceWeigh™ is designed to work with Intercomp’s extensive line of RFX™ Wireless Weighing Systems and Cabled Billet Scale Systems and that include RS232 output. iRaceWeigh™ allows the user to manually enter, view and save weights and export all saved data to spreadsheet via email (.csv file) on an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. iRaceWeigh™ can also be used in a stand alone mode without Intercomp’s Wi-Fi Radio by using the manual entry function.

Screen Views include:
- Front Total and Percent
- Rear Total and Percent
- Left Total and Percent
- Right Total and Percent
- Cross LF/RR Total and Percent
- Cross RF/LR and Percent
- Rear Bite

This App combines Intercomp’s Industry leading RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology with a convenient iPhone App. The scales display all weigh screens on a handheld indicator or a PC and can now also be viewed on Intercomp’s iRaceWeigh™ App.